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Introduction to Luxury Hotels in Rome Italy

Among the best accommodation places in Italy, Rome luxury hotels are considered to be one of the best, willing to share with the tourists a lot of interesting features and rating from five and six stars to extreme comfort and luxury where people that can actually afford this are going to have an awesome time doing what they do. This is everything what a luxury hotel, especially in Italy stands for and we decided that it's time to start blogging about tourism and travel in Italy, therefore starting to write about one of the most important aspects of the tourism business which are of course the hotels, the hostels, the villas and any other places where one can rest in complete calmness, luxury and pleasure. The purpose of a hotel is to provide the person with the possibility to rest and have a great time and therefore it is something that not all can afford but those who can and did remain at least for a few days in one of the best Rome Italy luxury hotels understand what we are trying to talk about in this posts. There are some interesting things here and as long as people are going to be ignorant and don't want to understand what is really going on we are going to tell them that as a matter of fact those who haven't tried or don't have the attitude to go and spend at least one night properly eating in a restaurant in Rome and then going to a five start luxury hotel in Rome then we cannot say anything about it as there are so many aspects that one should take into consideration when things are going to be talked about in the Italy luxury hotel guide blog. That being said we would like to openly and official invite you to come more often and read the thoughts and rambling that we provide here and therefore willing to share as much useful information with you about Italy luxury hotels generally and in this post, later on about Rome Italy luxury hotels. Even though we are in the hotel business and are always looking for a profit we are still going to share some tips and tricks on last minute hotel rooms and how to get it we are still going to share some interesting information on how to manage and afford those cheap luxury hotels (even if this might sound a little bit unrealistic - yes there are plenty of cheap luxury hotels in Italy but you actually have to understand and realize how to get them because not all of us can). Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to share as much free information as possible with the rest of the world that offering one of the most accessible way to reach the ordinary people who are willing to do something about it and tell them what is really going on here, though promoting our hotel and our network and interacting with others - which is a great thing to do.

This is going to be another amazing opportunity to talk to people about various important things related to our beautiful country Italy and all the landscapes and picturesque views that you can see here. Our blog is mainly about Italy luxury hotels so there is no point in talking about things that are not closely related to that. Anyway, something interesting might happen and we are here to drive and discover all these things that people are currently into. Being able to do this kind of stuff is going to stimulate a lot what we are going to talk about here just because of the fact that no other people from outside can tell us if the luxury hotels in Rome are at the level that people tend to speak about them or not because that is not their business at all and from what we know and understand there has to be someone to apply those kind of things starting with the first post of this blog. It is not going to be easy but this is better then nothing as there are so many hungry people out there that are currently willing to spend their time looking for interesting, practical, useful and free information on Rome Italy Luxury Hotels. Located in the Rome county, Rome is the capital of Italy and it has a lot of tourist coming and flying away every single day. The airports are very busy mostly all the time. We consider that it is very important to find out the realities of renting a room or booking a luxury apartment online in Rome. On this blog we are going to post a lot of interesting offers for those of you that are going to need a quote for a hotel room for a limited period of time in Rome and this is no joke but rather something extremely important. There is not point in losing time and searching for this information while you are in Rome, Italy - imagine walking these distances. The internet and especially blogging bout Italy luxury hotels can easily make your life more simple by offering all that you need about these kind of stuff. That is why we decided that whenever we have the possibility we must publish a lot of interesting things that one should know about luxury hotels in Rome. With that being said we would like to pass to the most important aspects that one should know about when willing to find more relevant and quality information about the online hotel room booking in Rome. It is crucial if you want to save some money and it is very important if you want to see it doing fine. There are plenty of things that one wants to succeed in life and living in comfort in a luxury hotel in the capital of Italy should and must be one of them.

Best Luxury Hotels Rome

In this paragraph we are going to try and name a few and maybe those best luxury hotels in Rome that one should definitely check for a quote if this is what people are looking for. It is something extremely important and that is all and everything that one should make clear when defining his or her view on the opportunity of renting a hotel in Italy, Rome. We are not going to talk about only large hotel chains but about boutique individual luxury hotels mostly.

The first Rome luxury hotel that we are going to talk about is Rocco Forte Hotel De Russie. The Hotel de Russie is a luxury five-star hotel located in the heart of the beautiful city of Rome between the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo on the Via del Babuino. It is one of the best luxury hotels that we ever visited. The hotel is within easy walking distance of Rome's key attractions, fashion houses and Via Condotti. This is why we do recommend it from the bottom of the heart. The most unique luxury hotel in Rome, Hotel de Russie, designed by the Architect Valadier, provides a stunning feature - extensive, terraced gardens which guarantee a tranquil oasis amidst the bustle of central Rome. It looks awesome and you are never going to be sorry for visiting it and spending a few nights there. This unique Secret Garden offer you the opportunity to relax with a drink in the fashionable Stravinskij Bar and Le Jardin de Russie Restaurant offers a wonderful taste of the Mediterranean cuisine. We guarantee that you are going to have a great time there and without any hassle manage to relax and enjoy life once again. Do not miss an unforgettable experience at the De Russie Wellness Zone, one of Rome's best health clubs with a hydropool, jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish steam bath, beauty treatments and gym. The comfort is guaranteed and they have everything that one needs in order life to seem like a beautiful dream. This is what Rome luxury hotels is and should continue to be about.

The next Rome luxury hotel is Hotel Hassler. For over a century, the Hassler has been recognized as one of the prime hotels in Europe. This is another important reason why we decided that it's time to write about it. This small and atmospheric hotel pays careful attention to detail in order to make every guest's stay an unforgettable one. You won't be able to forget it as it comes with multitude features that are going to remain in your mind for your entire life. With an unbeatable location atop the Spanish Steps, the Hassler is easy to find but very difficult to leave. This phrase is going to give a great headache if you never visited it before meaning that you are going to find basically impossible to leave it in case of necessity. Italy's most luxurious offers 90 rooms and 23 suites, three of which are Presidential Suites. We often hear people that say that they visited and lived in a lot of presidential suites. If they never been to this one it means that they didn't live in a good decent luxorios presidential suite. Each room is unique, and elegantly furnished with antiques while equipped with modern leisure. This can also be considered another amazing thing and if people are usually those who can actually appreciate this then you can state a big plus to this luxury Rome hotel for existing. The suites with breath-taking views of the Eternal City feature exquisite boiserie and frescos. It means that people are going to find it extravagant and funny. The walls are decorated with original paintings by titian and tintoretto schools and the furniture is in original 14th century Louis VIII style. Didn't we tell you that this is what you shoudl expect when visiting this amazing luxury hotel? It looks similar to one of the best luxury hotels I've seen in Australia.

Another amazing Rome Italy Luxury Hotel is Hotel Splendide Royal Rome. The Hotel Splendide Royal in Rome is a luxury five star hotel, designed to be royal, luxurious and the same stature of the most accredited hotels in Europe. If you never slept before in a royal hotel this is your chance. Located in the noble center of Rome, a city which was and is once again an intersection of cultures and communication. The noble center of Rome is going to offer you a plenty of options after stepping out of this amazing hotel. After more than one year of skilled re-structuring, this 16th century palace two headquarters of the Roman community and only a stroll away from the famed Via Veneto is today a luxury hotel and, in its own way, a symbol of the changes taking place within the Capital City's fine tradition of hospitality. If you really want to be able and experience what real hospitaliy is all about yes you have to visit Rome. Recently baptized as splendid by guests themselves, the hotel is full of that warmth and kindness found usually only among friends. It is exactly what you need and we guarantee that.

Did you ever hear about this Rome luxury hotel - Hotel Villa Spalletti Trivelli? The urban Villa of the Spalletti Trivelli Counts rediscovers its vocation as host of business and leisure travelers, connoisseurs of art and wellbeing. This is actually the most important part when talking and trying to describe this hotel. In the heart of Rome, Villa Spalletti Trivelli is unique among the historic residences. A splendid Italian garden, elegant and refined environments furnished with genuine antiques, exclusive wellness center, sumptuous rooms with every comfort. Did you know about that? Did you have any idea? A noble twentieth century villa overlooking a splendid Italian garden, Villa Spalletti Trivelli offers one of the most original and exclusive accommodation solutions of all of the hotels, villas, and period residences in Rome. It is something that you should expect to happen to you soon meaning you are going to have the direct chance to see all this stuff if you head to Italy, Rome. The rare elegance of the furnishings, impeccable service, and modern comforts create a truly charming atmosphere, satisfying the expectations of Villa Spalletti Trivelli's guests, who enjoy preferential treatment complemented by privacy and discretion. This is all basically related by a satisfied client that is willing to go futher and step in the world of luxury and Rome.

Another great and probably on of the best Rome Italy luxury hotels is Hotel Eden-A Royal Meridien. Through the decades, this hotel has been graced by royalty, aristocrats and many distinguished celebrities and political leaders. We tought that it might be a great idea to talk about this one today and to mention to all those that are currently looking for more information about the hotels in Italy and that would probably be very nice. It has a reputation of elegance and discretion with breathtaking views across the seven historic hills of Rome, which cradle the Forum, the Coliseum, the Vatican and the Trevi Fountain. The breathtaking views of the region where it is located will offer you the unique possibility of cheking out those things that one should actually keep in mind when willing to visit the Ede Luxury Rome Hotel. The hotel's famous rooftop restaurant, La Terrazza dell' Eden, serves epicurean Italian cuisine and a connoisseur's wine list that will more than satisfy the demands of gourmands. It requires a lot of will to say no to such a hotel. It offers one of the greatest panoramas in the world. Those who know what we are talking about here consider this almost irresistible. The Hotel Eden represents the apotheosis of the exclusive hotel. It is what it is and we are going to write a lot more stuff about such hotels in the future and thanks for being near and listening to what we have to say. Where warmth is coupled with discreet service and constant attention to detail. Yep this is true. It is an experience of uncompromising luxury. It really expresses the great luxury that the city of Rome can offer to the rest of the world.

It is very important to know that Rome luxury hotels can even offer you a night stay in The Westin Excelsior! Since 1604, The Westin Excelsior, Rome has hosted celebrities, statesmen and artists visiting the Eternal City. This hotel has actually a great and famous past and everyone likes it these days and the prices are pretty affordable at the same time. The hotel, which was named to Conde Nast Traveler's 2003 Gold List, enjoys a prime location in the celebrated Via Veneto district. Actually about this has been published in the world wide websites and local newspapers but who is there to listen to such stuff? The Westin Excelsior, Rome is known for outstanding service in an exceptional setting. What is true is really a fact and you can't do anything about it to prove people that they are wrong. Dine on Roman favorites at restaurant , enjoy a personalized workout with our trainer in the health club or indulge in a shiatsu massage in our spa. The massage and all the other alternative medicine treatments are going to offer you the opportunity to feel much better on a daily basis. Subject of a $34 million renovation, the signature Villa Cupola is the largest suite in Europe and its grand style is reflected throughout the hotel in the sumptuous furnishings of the recently remodeled 368 guest rooms and 83 suites.

Who else knows that Regina Hotel Baglioni is one of the Rome luxury hotels? A home fit for a queen. Don't believe it? Read further! The hotel is a liberty building in the center of Via Veneto, famed for being closed to the most famous landmarks in the capital as well as boasting a suite with fantastic views overlooking the entire city. Did you have any idea about this because ours is a little bit confused now that we are talking about all these things at another level. It is a favorite meeting place for the international jet set. It is also amazing if you have any business meetings planned and would like to do this kind of stuff there. The hotel's classical style alternates with art deco and this is reflected in the color tones of the new Lounge area and the modern design of the innovative lounge and restaurant. This is another cool and pretty amazing aspect that one should take into consideration when doing such things.

How about Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi? Did you ever think about it when decided to book a Rome luxury hotel room online? A stay at the Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi is tantamount to a tranquil break in the country. Did you ever know that this is possible. Superb views of the Botanic Park stretch as far as the Vatican, which can be seen across the treetops. It is actually real but read further because more interesting and pretty unbelievable information is coming up Painstakingly refurbished, the Hotel transports Guests to the Renaissance Era. A lot of people didn't believe it until they saw the pictures and then decided to visit it. Crystal chandeliers, high-quality marble and lavish fabrics impart a sense of sublime elegance. This hotels is one of our favorite recommendations and we trully would like to invite you to visit it and take advantage of all the nice pictures.

Grand Hotel de la Minerve is a great choise for all your Italy Rome Luxury Hotel Needs. Those who have heard of the evocative places of ancient Rome, know where to find Gian Lorenzo Bernini's "Pulcin della Minerva". Do you know where to find it? Do you have any idea? Composed of a small obelisk carried by a minute elephant, this sculpture is an exquisite mix of Egyptian crafts and Baroque style. It is cool to see but it is even more interesting to take a look at all these features. The Grand Hotel de la Minerve's setting is one of the city's most fascinating squares, located between the Pantheon and the Church of "Santa Maria Sopra Minerva". There is plenty of information so please stick together team. In this enchanting setting in the heart of historical Rome, in a prime location close to the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, rises the Grand Hotel de la Minerve, which has been a hotel since the end of the 1200's. You won't see something like this anywhere else. The five-star deluxe hotel - recently upgraded to better satisfy the needs of its demanding clientele. This is definitely something unique in the whole world.

We are going to try and talk about St. George Roma hotel too when things are about Rome luxury hotels generally. Harmony of modernism and classicism and a timeless atmosphere born from a reworking of styles and trends- this is the St. George, the new 6 star luxury boutique hotel with a contemporary air, designed by Lorenzo Bellini in one of the most enchanting areas of Rome. Isn't this amazing? The luxurious 83-room hotel offers 34 Superior rooms, 56 Deluxe rooms and 8 Junior Suites, providing a dynamic backdrop where the guest is simultaneously the actor and the spectator. There is actually more available then we expected. In these rooms there is a sensation of time lingering on and guests are pampered by the attention to detail, the views and the furnishing textiles, all of which are magically studied, leaving nothing to chance. If you ever want to have a great time and you are in Rome don't forget to visit us.

If you are still looking for an awesome place to stay the Sofitel Roma is a great one among all the other Rome Luxury Hotels. The Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese offers unique accommodation with high standards of service and quality, has 157 bedrooms, 6 suites with private terrace, public areas, bar with several lounges, restaurant as well bar & lounge "La Bella Vista" located on the top floor of the hotel with stunning panoramic views of Rome. Yes it is an awesome place for all those that are looking for something to do and a great luxurious place to stay. For business guests, the hotel offers 2 conference suites with full catering facilities. It is must if you always complain that you can't find luxury hotels in Rome.

You need to visit at least once the Hotel d'Inghilterra Rome hotel in order to understand what are Rome Italy luxury hotels all about. The Hotel d'Inghilterra Rome has its origins in the most aristocratic and elegant period in Rome's history. This hotel is more the history of the whole Rome all together. Monarchs, princes, artists and screen idols have made it their home in the capital, attracted by flawless hospitality and an ideal location near Piazza di Spagna. It is something that all the people know about and if you don't you are invited to. The original building dates back to the 12th century, when it was built to serve as guest quarters for the nearby palazzo of the illustrious Torlonia family. There are a lot of secrets about this amazing building and you are the one who is invited to see and view it. Visiting friends and compatriots of the poet John Keats, who lived in Piazza di Spagna, stayed there, and when the building became a hotel in 1845 it took the name Hotel d'Angleterre. There are more then enough compatriots that are there and willing for that kind of stuff and sharing their experience. Since that time the hotel has built a reputation as the preferred Roman base for an elite international clientele. This is what we really wanted to tell our readers about this hotel.

Rome luxury hotels can offer you a great place to stay at Il Pellicano. An intimate small hotel set on the spectacular Tuscan coastline of Monte Argentario, perched romantically at the cliffs edge, and featuring dramitic sea view rooms. It is indeed one of the best places to stay in Rome. A magnificent retreat, the hotel's central building and cottages are surrounded by centuries-old olive trees set in an extensive garden. How come people are not so aware of this stuff any more. Il Pellicano's superb location offers guests the opportunity to drive or sail to some of the most intriguing places in Tuscany. It requires a lot of help. The medieval town of Capalbio, nestled on a Tuscan hilltop and well known for its local cuisine, is just 30 minutes away. Features a relaxing sea water pool and a private beach. This is what it is all about and this is what you should pay attention to.

Don't leave so soon because we have Grand Hotel Palazzo Della Fonte coming up next and it's also about Rome luxury hotels in Italy. At dawn when a gentle mist blurs the contours of the landscape from a distance the town of Fiuggi seems to be enclosed by a thousand trees and illuminated by a hundred little lights. There is more then you ever wanted to see. The building all low and harmoniously inserted into the landscape climbs up onto the Terrinoni hillside like the bell tower of a church, a villa hidden in the greenery, or the turrets of a medieval castle. Those are really among one of the most interesting things that one can find in a hotel business in Rome. Amongst all what stands out from the rest is the imposingly beautiful facade of the Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte an exclusive hotel that is considered to be one of Italy's most romantic today. Please take a look if you have the opportunity.

Those that are willing to spend another night in a good Rome luxury hotel should definitely consider Hotel Aldrovandi Palace. Located in the most prestigious area of the city, between the green expanse of Villa Borghese gardens and the historical reminiscences of Valle Giulia and the Borghese Gallery, the Aldrovandi is just steps from the Spanish Steps and Via Veneto. Yes it is extremely prestigious and we recommend it by all possible means. Privately managed, this grand hotel was refurbished in 2003 to render it one of the most sought-after addresses in Rome. It is not something that you want ot loose time about. With its own private park, outdoor pool and garden dining, the hotel is an elegant oasis of relax and guests can indulge in the amenities of a resort while staying in the center of the city. It is also a play for other to stay about it and make it happen. In addition to a revamped image, the award winning cuisine of the Michelin-starred Chef Alfonso Iaccarino is now performed at 'baby', the new poolside design restaurant of the hotel. There is plenty of luxury elsewhere but this is so special after all.

For those who the luxury hotels in Rome are not enough - try Radisson SAS Hotel Rome. Designed to resemble the deck of a ship, the Radisson SAS Hotel Rome is the ideal place from which to cruise around in the ancient city of Rome. In other words you should visit it if you don't believe what we are talking about here. Nestled in the heart of the city, adjacent to the Termini Central Railway Station and close to all the city's attractions, the hotel offers unsurpassed service and gives you the opportunity to browse in this 2,000-year old open-air museum where history walks alongside contemporary lifestyles. It is unique and extremely beautiful. The hotel offers 546 deluxe rooms, including 57 suites and 74 rooms for disabled guests. One of the best luxury hotels of Rome out there. All rooms are furnished in three varied styles with every room having its own identity. There are people that deserve to visit this one. Every guest room has a view of the courtyard or the streets- through floor to ceiling windows that cover an entire wall. If you ever come to Rome don't miss this amazing opportunity. At night, the courtyard is lit up magically with various colored lights. You can have what you really need. In addition, the hotel boasts a beautiful rooftop pool, one of only two such pools in Rome. This is why we decided to run this blog, because we care about a lot of people that are willing to share their information and to read more from us.

Another great opportunity to spend the night or the day in a luxorious Rome hotel is to visit and try and afford Aleph, A Boscolo Luxury Hotel. Gifted architect Adam D. Tihany becomes a modern-day Virgil as he leads you on an amazing journey filled with heavenly places and sinful delights in his very personal interpretation of Dante's Divine Comedy: the Aleph. Nothing special here just read further and you are going to find a lot of interesting information coming up next. In this intriguing hotel near Via Veneto in the heart of Rome, the concepts of Heaven and Hell have been given an unexpected twist. Yes this is true and we are here to do that kind of stuff. You'll find true paradise in the luxurious Spa below, and surrender to the tempting treats served above in the Sin restaurant and Angelo Bar. Please do something about it, it is very very important. Enter the Aleph and you'll be immediately caught up in a red-tinged vortex full of delicious sensations, striking contrasts, stunning details and sensual luxury. There are many people out there that can and are able to make it real. The 86 rooms in the Aleph, which include 64 deluxe rooms and 6 charming suites and junior suites, are a dramatic combination of eclectic Italian style from the Thirties and Forties and sleek minimalist design. This is probably exactly what you are looking for and we are willing to share this with you for free!

It is what it is - without seeing the Rome Cavalieri Hilton you won't say that you saw any luxury hotel in Rome, Italy, at all. Rome Cavalieri, Italy, is situated in a 14-acre private park just above the Vatican, with panoramic views over the historic city center. It's true nothing more nothing less. Definitely not something to worry about. It's a 5-star deluxe resort hotel within the city, featuring 567 guest rooms with private balconies, including 45 suites and 305 Executive rooms, plus the state-of-the-art Grand Spa. A lot of people are not aware of what might happen. A highly prized art collection is displayed throughout the hotel. We realize and understand about the potential. The six food and beverage outlets include the famous Michelin three-star-rated La Pergola restaurant. Most things can't be controlled but you can take decisions. The hotel can accommodate conferences for up to 2,500 delegates. People are always happy to visit this hotel and express themselves about it. More to come in the future.

This is what it happens when it comes to only Hotel Fortyseven Rome. Rome hotel luxury at it's finest. Hotel Fortyseven is well-located in Rome's historical center, in fact, it's just across form the Temple of Vesta inside the Roman Forum and a short stroll to Circus Maximus, the Arch of Janus, San Georgio al Velabro, the Mouth of Truth and the Marcellus Theater. Do you realize that the comfort of this hotel is one of the best in Italy? Enter to the hotel through its sleek entrance to a living tribute to the city's art history where each of the hotel's five floors is dedicated to a 60th-century Italian master: Mastroianni, Greco, Modigliani, Quagliata and Guccione. Do you expec this to happen really fast?

And the last but one of the best Rome Italy luxury hotel is La Posta Vecchia. This elegant residence, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, was once the home of Paul Getty, who turned La Posta Vecchia into a temple of art. Many of the guest rooms, lavishly decorated with Carrara marble bathtubs, Venetian lamps and Gobelins tapestries, are luxuriously comfortable. If you are really serious about Italy luxury hotels you need to visit this one. Laze on the terrace, savour traditional Italian cuisine or visit the sights of Rome, which is just 24 minutes away. It is not too far but you are going to see a lot of interesting stuff coming in there you can't do anything about it.

So this are basically the most important Rome luxury hotels that you should know about. As you see we did a lot of work by selecting and writing and trying to find good information about these hotels in Rome as you won't need to duplicate our work again. Everything is ready for you to consume. This is why we decided that it might be a good idea to put a fullstop for this article now. Read it from the beginning till the end because there is still a lot of good information out there that one might don't know about and we wanted to cover everything that is and might be important regarding all the possible aspects of Rome Italy luxury hotels. It is what it is guys, these days, if you want to have success you have to know and you how to understand what can be done cheaper, faster, more automated. We publish this article on Rome Italy luxury hotels because we think you deserve to know the truth. It is very important to realize how things work here and to give the same amount of information that others do without too much effort. This is our main goal when it comes to luxury hotels in Rome.

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